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Gypset Honey Log – Lil Boheme Machine hits the road Day One 1/11/19 – noting mileage 1st

Two weeks ago today, Gypset Honey added the Lil Boheme Machine, a tiny RV, as the new mobile studio/home for designer Deidre Anne Froelich and Tyson, her famous co-traveler and Gypset Pug. 

One week ago today, the Lil Boheme Machine left Texas for New Orleans in the first trip of the New Adventure.  About 12  hours later, we arrived safe but with stories to tell and a few repairs to attempt before the journeys continue.  (Nothing serious, but a blow-out does make one happy to have traveled in the daylight hours.) 

Today, the website has begun the reboot and redesign efforts for the year.  This website is a new format, so there is a bit to learn, but we are up for the challenge.  Tyson may have to do some extra studying. 

As the website progresses, you should be able to go from these pages of stories and photos to the Shopify site for purchasing items easily.  Have patience, please.  Jewelry design comes before computers!  And, RV repairs will have to be completed before the next roadtripping begins. 

The Lil Boheme Machine will be visiting Gypset Honey’s boutiques across the country, bringing new designs to clients with the opportunity to take orders, complete items and deliver, all in one visit. 

A lot can happen in just two weeks!  Wishing all y’all a Happy Year ahead with good health, good friends, good adventures and love to share. 

Live*Love*Give  (and TRAVEL!)   Gypset Honey

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